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Community Stories Index

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Helping communities make the healthy choice the easy choice. 




General Wellness 



Youth Risk Management


Resiliency/ Mental Wellness


Active Living

Downtown Camrose Workplace Wellness Series - Camrose, Alberta

Youth Risk Management  - Hunting Hills - (perspecitve 1) - Hunting Hills High School, Red Deer, Alberta Eckville SPARC Coalition  - Lacombe County, Alberta  West Country Physical Literacy Coalition  - Clearwater County, Alberta

Abundant Communities Workshop - Stettler County, Red Deer County, Alberta

Hunting Hills High School Youth Risk Management Survey Project - perspective 2  - Hunting Hills High School Red Deer, Alberta
Healthy Communities CoalitionBrazeau County, Alberta  Wetaskiwin Winter Walk Day - Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin County, Alberta

Belonging Delburne - Delburne, Red Deer County, Alberta

Students Against Drinking and Driving Liquor Bag Campaign –Two Hills County Schools, Alberta
  Mannville Footprints Project  - Manville, Minburn County, Alberta
  Youth Risk Management Community Engagement Conversation Event November 2015  - Red Deer, Alberta   Daysland Walking Trail Commitee  - Daysland, Flagstaff County, Alberta


    Camrose Outdoor Gym  - Camrose, Alberta
    Canadian Sport For Life Rural Mini Summit East Central Alberta



Injury Prevention 



Tobacco Reduction 


Early Childhood  

Rimbey Child Safety Seat (CSS) Working Group  - Rimbey, Ponoka County, Alberta The Public Health Nurse Brief Tobacco Intervention Project  - Central Zone Health Promotion, Alberta Health Services  
Kids In The Early Years -  Early Intervention Services Lunch & Learn - Hanna, Alberta  
Mennonite Injury Prevention Project  - Lougheed, Flagstaff County, Alberta The Maternal Child Department RDRHC Brief Tobacco Interventions Project - Red Deer Regional Hospital Center, Red Deer, Alberta   PLAY ECD Childcare Provider Needs Assessment Survey  - Red Deer and Hanna, Alberta  
Camrose Pedestrian Safety Initiative - Camrose,  Alberta Find Your Stride  - program development  - Central Zone Health Promotion, Alberta Health Services Red Deer Physical Literacy and the Early Years Backpack project - Red Deer, Alberta  
  Find Your Stride  - pilot project  - Red Deer, Alberta A Collaborative Conversation with Early Years Coalitions in Central Alberta - Red Deer County, Clearwater County, Lacombe County, Alberta  




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